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Stanley Jay Tucker
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Who is Stanley Jay Tucker?

For 40 years now, Stanley Jay Tucker has been honing his skills and technique on the electric guitar. Starting as the age of sixteen he became obsessed with learning to play after going to his first rock concert during the summer of 1980. The bands playing that day were Blackfoot, Eddie Money, and Foghat. It was Foghat that most impressed the young Stanley and he soon found himself drawn to a little music store called Front Porch Music, which was situated in a very small 1930s era house in downtown Bakersfield, California. It was there that he found his white Hondo II Lead One electric guitar that he still plays to this day. Over the years Stanley has poured over hundreds of albums and learned from his heroes such as Tommy Bolin, Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, Carlos Santana, and many others along the way. Through careful study and hours of playing, he finally found his own unique sound and style of playing. Never one to shy away from his destiny in life, he pursued his own musical interests and formed a number of bands in the early days. Fed up with the direction that the music of the new century had taken, Stanley looked to his past heroes for inspiration. He stripped his music down to it’s essential elements as he continued to write and record. Never one to wait around for others to join him, he began dreaming about the concept for his new band called Calcaneous. He spent many hours playing and jamming with others in his search for the right group of people to join him in his quest. Stanley is now realizing that dream and watching it take shape. The energy of his music is alive now more than ever and is leading the way down a new path in his life. We are all given unique gifts in life that should be pursued, it would appear that Stanley Jay Tucker has finally latched onto his gift and is ready to put the hammer down and to honor those that have come before him as well as those that will come after him.